Reasons why couples swing

Meet Swingers & Wife Swappers - Reason why couples swingIf you’re looking to become a swinger or you’re just curious about the swing lifestyle you’re probably curious about why couples swing. Let’s talk about it.

1) It brings you closer, as odd as it sounds. The uninformed tend to think of swingers as horny men and women that don’t want to cheat so they’ve invented a lifestyle that allows them to have sex without consequence, but that’s not the case. Swingers are merely couples that have recognized what they need from life and are determined to do it together. When you become a swinger you’ll be surprised at how bonding wife swapping can be. When the first time is over you’ll likely feel an intense closeness to your wife like you’ve never felt before. She’ll have just been with another man and you’ll have been with another woman and yet you’ll be so deeply in love with her you just want to meld with her and become one. That’s the power of the swing lifestyle.

2) There are genuine health benefits to swinging. Swingers have more sex than the average couple sometimes a whole lot more and sex is a healthy thing. It has numerous benefits and some are still being discovered as more sexual studies are being conducted. It helps both men and women look younger, it works to prevent heart disease, it’s a form of exercise so you’ll be in better shape, and the hormones released during sex have been proven to release stress, which does so much damage to your body it’s astounding. It’s said that stress kills and you have no idea how true that is.

3) You meet tons of interesting people. Swingers are inherently more interesting than their non-swinging counterparts so when you’re a part of the swing lifestyle you’re constantly meeting all sorts of new and fascinating people that have ascended to a higher consciousness than the typical man or woman. Conversations tend to be far more stimulating and the typical stresses that often sit over people like a fine sheen are gone, allowing them to expand their mines and have fun in a way that most people can’t. It’s one of the best reasons to become a swinger outside of all the incredible sex you get to have.

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4) It feels good to look good. When you’re actively involved in the swing lifestyle you’re also actively involved in looking good. This spreads throughout your life, too. It’s not just that you’ll shower and wear nice clothes when you’re going on a date with your wife for some wife swapping or when you’re going to a swing party. It also means that you’ll go to the gym more often so you stay in shape and you’ll watch what you eat and drink so your skin will look good, your body will look hot, and your hair won’t fall out. The lack of stress that results from having more sex will also have positive benefits by making you look good. You might appeal to your wife’s vanity if you’re trying to convince her to swing.

5) You learn new things when you become a swinger or wife swapper. Your knowledge is most improved in the bedroom as you learn new ways to pleasure your partner and she learns new ways to pleasure you. Every new person you meet in the swing lifestyle enhances your life in all sorts of wonderful ways. Sometimes it’s just sexual and sometimes you become good friends with them and get tips on restaurants, places to go on vacation, etc. Swinging makes your life better, hands down, and you will appreciate that when you become a swinger.

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