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Scam AlertIs Be Naughty the answer to your online dating needs? Is it the place for real dating success, as they claim? Let’s find out! You won’t find a more intricate and involved design with a sex dating site than the one at Be Naughty. It feels modern and sexy, but there’s a little too much going on, to be honest. There’s plenty of unnecessary filler on the member’s main page, for example, including a few advertisements that shouldn’t be there. Plus, the actual content, including a listing of the available girls in your area, is miniscule with the tiniest thumbnails I’ve ever seen. They’re so small it’s difficult to tell what the girls look like.

For a site called Be Naughty the success stories they’ve posted are a little odd since they’re almost entirely about how long term relationships have been forged. It makes them seem fake, to be honest. When you browse the listings you see that almost everyone is searching for sex. Plus, they call the site Be Naughty, which doesn’t exactly make you think about a long term relationship so much as it does about casual sex.

The site is a touch slow, taking a bit too long to load pages after you’ve clicked, but that’s a minor issue. A local search for swingers (couples, really, since this isn’t a swing lifestyle site) reveals a fair number of profiles, although way too many feature no pictures, which is a sure sign that the couple isn’t actually interested in meeting. The profile pages feature the same overdesigned feel and the presentation of content is just a little bit sloppy. It’s amazing how difficult it is to create a fantastic design for a sex dating site like this.

My least favorite thing about Be Naughty is the sense that they’re trying to make money off of me at every turn. They offer things like the browser toolbar and desktop chat and while they seem helpful, they’re really just ways to serve more ads to you and to get you coming back to the site so you can keep your membership fresh and paid up. That’s why the busy nature of the design is bothersome too. Instead of it seeming like they’re serving your desire for a high quality sex dating site it seems like they’re serving their need to make as much money as possible off of you. For $1.99 they’ll verify your age, something they require you to do before you can get in contact with anyone. Of course, you’ll have to pay for a membership to do just about anything here so it’s just another fee on top of the others and the ads they make money off of. isn’t a swing lifestyle site or even a sex dating site with a heavy focus on swingers (despite swingers being a huge portion of those that use such sites). Instead, it’s a slickly designed site built to make them money in the most efficient way possible. That comes through membership fees, petty fees to verify your age, and lots of ads served through the site, their mobile app, their desktop app, and the browser toolbar that will hijack your searches. It’s all too cynical and the design, while looking good, is actually a hindrance to the enjoyment of the site and to finding couples and singles to have sex with.

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