Something has piqued your curiosity about the swing lifestyle and it has brought you to my website. Maybe you’re looking to broaden your sexual horizons with an existing partner, or maybe you have recently found it difficult to pair up with someone and think that joining a swinging community, or going to a swingers club or swingers party, might get you out of your slump? Whatever your reason, you are now embarking on a path that will lead you to the most enjoyable and uninhibited sexual experience of your life. Rest assured, the swing lifestyle is completely different from what is portrayed in movies and books. Long gone are the days of people in their 40s and 50s exchanging keys in a hotel room in a sad attempt to reinvigorate their married sex life. Modern day swingers are younger and more attractive than ever, and due to the advances of the internet, swinging is more accessible than ever. I am a swinger, and I am proud to say that I have been part of this community for many years. There was a time, however, when I was no different from you; interested in swinging, but clueless as to where to start. That is why I created where I list my free 5-step guide to becoming a successful swinger.

What makes a successful swinger? Well, while the concept of swinging is simple, there is a lot you need to know before you can totally integrate yourself into this lifestyle. There are countless mistakes that people make when they first give swinging “a try”. I myself did not have a mentor or a guide to help me when I first became interested in swinging, and, after a number of failed attempts, I almost gave up. But eventually I learned the tricks of the trade and am now at a point where I am comfortable sharing my knowledge with people that are genuinely interested in joining the swinger community or a swingers club. With my help, you won’t just give swinging “a try”; you’ll master it from the start. Within this website you’ll learn the fascinating history of swinging, the etiquette underlying the swinger lifestyle, where to find fellow swingers and swinger parties, and, most important of all, knowing which swinger sites are legitimate and approved by the swinger community. (View The Top 5 Approved Swinger Dating Sites) The swing life consists of a welcoming group of open-minded, attractive and adventurous people. I hope I can help you tap into your adventurous side and begin you on a journey of infinite sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

5 Step Guide To Becoming A swinger!

Step 1 – Understand The History Of Swinging

The swing lifestyle as we know it today was actually far more popular in ancient times, although they wouldn’t have called themselves swingers or had any concept of wife swapping, hot wives, etc. Instead, they were simply far more open sexually. Sex was viewed differently back then and the rise of a society built around […]
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Step 2 – Learning Proper Swinger Etiquette

It’s important to learn the proper swinger etiquette because failing to do so could cost you in the community. In most cities and towns the group of swingers is small and tight knit, which means if you screw up or act like a jerk or idiot everyone will quickly find out about it and you’ll […]
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Step 3- Picking The Right Swinger Site To Join

Planning is one of the keys to making a strong entry into the swing lifestyle. Remember, if you screw it up you could alienate the swing lifestyle community in your area and find yourself on the outside looking in, which is why you need to take your time and make a plan of attack, so […]
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Step 4 – Writing A Winning Swinger Profile & Making A Connection

You’re on the road to becoming a swinger. You’ve decided what you want from the swing lifestyle, you’ve joined a site, and you’re full of knowledge and desire about this new sexual life you’re hoping will go well. As with all the other steps along the way, the crafting of your profile on the swingers […]
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Step 5 – Its Time To Swing *How to make your first swinger experience a success

Hopefully you’ve followed all the steps laid out in previous articles and are ready for your first wife swapping encounter. You took your time when looking for couples. You send plenty of emails, met with a few in person, and settled on one couple that worked for both of you. You and your wife are […]
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