Proper Etiquette at a swingers party

Find Swinger Parties | Proper Etiquette at a swingers partyEveryone in the swing lifestyle should attend a swingers party at least once. It’s an incredibly good time and the approach to sex and sexuality is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and will truly blow your mind. It’s wife swapping taken to the most beautiful place it can go. Full exploration of your desires is encouraged and will be rewarded with orgasms galore. There is etiquette to follow though and if you fail to do so you’ll find that you have been taken off the list and there will be no invites to swing parties forthcoming. Remember, the swinger community is small and word gets around about those that seek to ruin parties and the good times of others due to selfishness, drunkenness, insecurity, and more. Now for the rules of etiquette at such a party.

1) Be polite to a degree that might seem a little foolish. Thank the host and hostess for having you and perhaps bring them a gift if you really want to impress. Ask permission before you do just about anything, particularly if you’re not familiar with some of the guests. The goal of these parties is for everyone to have a good time and for that to happen everyone needs to feel safe and secure. Your politeness is a good way to ensure that happens. Plus, it will ingratiate you with the rest of the party. Don’t mistake politeness and meekness though, particularly as a man. Meekness is boring and unattractive.

2) Don’t bring any drugs to a swing party. and don’t get high before you come. Don’t get drunk either. While sex and drugs often go together, the opposite is true at a swing party. Swingers are all about the enjoyment of sex as the most beautiful thing in the world and drugs only serve to cloud your mind, not enhance the experience. If you bring drugs you’ll be kicked out immediately. If you get drunk you’ll be kicked out. If it’s discovered that you’re high you’ll be kicked out and each offense will likely get you banned from future parties.

3) Always come prepared. Unless the host has explicitly said they’ll provide condoms, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels for clean up, etc, you should bring those things. A small bag to carry them in and all your supplies is smart, even if you have to leave it in the car and run back out to get it when the time comes. Condoms are particularly important and you should have those even if the host promises to provide them.

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4) Good hygiene is of the utmost importance in the swinger community. If you’re going to attend a swing party for some wife swapping fun you should give yourself a good scrubbing before you go. Make sure you smell good and that your private area in particularly is very well cleaned. Wear a little cologne, wear deodorant, and give a spray of something down below (though don’t go too heavy and if you’re older than 25 stay away from those heavy body sprays). Your hair should be taken care of and unless you wear facial hair regularly you should be clean shaven. You should also be dressed to look your best. You’re preparing to have sex, after all, and you want to be as attractive as possible.

5) When you are out to find a swingers party, keep your emotions in check. Don’t ever be offended when someone rejects you. It’s not meant to be a personal insult; they’re just not interested in you physically. It doesn’t mean your ugly, it just means you’re not their type. Be sure to reject someone politely as well. Also, never push it beyond the first rejection. If someone says no you should move on. You’re at a party where everyone wants to have sex so you can pretty much count on it happening.

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