How Swinging Can Improve Your Relationship

How Swinging Can Improve Your RelationshipThe statistics don’t lie: a study conducted among swinging couples revealed that a whopping 80% of them said they’re happier in the lifestyle than they were out of it. That’s remarkable and there are a multitude of reasons for it. It’s worth digging into.

Some Couples Were Made to Swing
Psychologically, some people simply aren’t made to be with one person for the rest of their life. Some people most definitely are and could never handle being in a swinging relationship (see all the couples that break up because the husband or wife wanted to swing and the other spouse simply couldn’t deal with it). The couples that end up in the swing lifestyle are typically made up of people that find being monogamous difficult and experience anxiety at the idea of only being able to sleep with one person for the rest of their lives. Those are the types of people that go into swinging. There are also people of that mindset that just end up cheating on their spouse, get caught, and get divorced or live their lives in misery. They should have been swingers but they never had the courage to make the leap. Are you one of those people?

Sex is Really Good for Your Health
Sex has so many health benefits they’re too numerous to list in this short space. Suffice it to say that sex is one of the best things you can do for a healthy, long life. The hormones released when you orgasm with another person (masturbating doesn’t get the job done in the same way sex does) are numerous and all healthy. Sex helps your body too. Your skin looks younger, you have more energy, it’s cleansing, etc. Good health means a better marriage and swingers have more sex, which means swingers have better health in the ways that sex can improve your health.

Swingers Are More Intimate
This one seems completely unintuitive. How could you be more intimate if you’re having sex with other people all the time? It’s because swinging is always done as a partnership. This is not an open relationship where you’re both allowed to sleep with other people. You’re together when you swing, having a new adventure each time you meet with a new couple or go to a swinger party. You always do it together and each new experience bonds you further. Plus, swingers understand that the new sexual partners they take on have no meaning to them outside of being conduits to an orgasm. They’re not people to emotionally bond with. All emotional bonding is done with your partner, thereby bringing you closer together.

Swingers Understand the Need for Communication
If a swinging relationship is going to work communication between the couple needs to be perfect. It is an absolute must, which means any couple that survives the first few swinging experiences knows how to talk to each other. Even more importantly, they know that having open communications means it’s okay to be honest. It means they won’t ask each other petty questions meant to incite fights (Is she hotter than I am? Does he have a bigger penis than I do?î). Every married person and ever marriage counselor will tell you that the key to a good, long lasting marriage is communication and they mean that in every way. Swingers understand that. They understand the need for open, honest, and safe communication where feelings can be shared and there will be no judgment or recriminations. Swinging relationships are better because the desire to have sex with other people means communication must be clear and open, which means a stronger relationship.

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