Is Hollywood Making The Swing Lifestyle More Acceptable?

Is Hollywood Making The Swing Lifestyle More AcceptableEvery generation is aghast at what the next generation does. The parents of the fifties were horrified that girls wore skirts that didn’t cross their tube socks. The new generation is always scoffed at as being more “morally loose”. It is the natural cycle of things. As we evolve, humans have a need to become more comfortable with themselves and the things around them. Hollywood has always been a place where new trends are not only formed, they are spread. The swing lifestyle of the hottest celebrities is making it more acceptable to a new generation of couples looking for a little excitement.

What is a swinger’s lifestyle?

It is a lifestyle that allows you to not be stuck with one woman for the rest of your life. Sometimes it is necessary to “pair up”. Not only is it necessary to have a stable relationship with someone for purposes of comfort, if you want to have children, it is best to raise them in a home with a mother and a father. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get bored, or that you want to be with just one person for the rest of your time here on Earth. There is the assumption that just guys get bored and want more variety, but that isn’t the case. Women are sexual creatures too. There are a majority of women, if given the opportunity, who would like to be with other men as well. Swinging allows both partners in a committed relationship to enjoy a variety of sexual partners.

What is the advantage of swinging?

There is no guilt involved in swinging. You aren’t cheating on your significant other, you have made a conscious decision together to go outside of the relationship for sexual encounters. Swinging can range from having more than just two in the encounter, to splitting up to enjoy a new partner of your own. It’s like a free affair, and the best part is if your partner is on board. Swinging can involve a threesome, a foursome, really the sky is the limit. There are whole communities that will engage in group sex full of couples who are ready to partake.



Movies About Swinging Are Becoming Common Place

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman brought the world of the swingers to the viewing public in Eyes Wide Shut. Up until recently, swinging has also been something that is portrayed in the movies as something that can be comedic, or something that is voodoo. As of recent, however, it seems in the lives of celebrities, the more partners the better. You can’t pick up a tabloid without hearing about who is sleeping with whom. If you are thinking “I thought she was still with…” chances are she still is. She was just looking for a little something something on the side.

Swinging is the new fad in Hollywood. No one is really committed to anyone, it’s all free game. Like a little fraternity or sorority, you can pretty much hook up with anyone you want, and no one really cares or looks down on it. There are many new websites that have been created to help couples who want to engage in swinging activities. Websites are set up completely to allow men and women in committed relationships to find those who want to join in. They aren’t slimy, or secretive like in past generations. They are real websites that you pay a fee for and are able to partake in. You don’t feel dirty, or worried that someone is going to find out, it is completely acceptable.
Whether Hollywood made swinging mainstream, or vice versa, the perceptions about having sex outside of a relationship, inside a relationship with others, and everything in between has come from out of the closets and into the world, especially the world wide web. If you think that you want to try it, there is nothing that is stopping you besides an unwilling partner. If you want to persuade them it doesn’t hurt to show them what is going on in Hollywood. Everyone likes to be like the celebrities they admire. If they are doing it, it not only makes it acceptable, it makes it downright cool. Even if they haven’t made it mainstream, they can make it happen for you personally if you use it to your advantage. After all, what is the worst that can happen? If you broach it with your partner in the right kind of way the worst that can happen is that they say “no”.


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