Looks Versus Personality, Whats More Important When Swinging?

Looks-Versus-Personality,-Whats-More-Important-When-SwingingYou are already in a loving and committed relationship. Swinging is just about getting a heightened sexual experience with the one you love by having sex with other individuals. It isn’t about finding another mate to love, or another couple that you are going to have an emotional tie to, it is about finding pure sexual gratification with new experiences and new people. When you look for people to swing with, is it more important to find couples who have a great personality, or those who are really good looking? Although a personal preference, there are some things that are universal in the swinger’s world. The key to a great swinging experience is all about sex. What is more important to sex than attraction? Hmmmmm, not much!

Sure it is important that you find a couple that has some personality. Sex is about attraction, but if someone is uninteresting, or just not fun, how much fun is a sexual experience going to be with them? The truth is that it can be very satisfying. You aren’t looking for someone to make you laugh, or someone who is going to be your best friend. You are looking for people who want to put themselves out in the open and have a sexual experience with you and your mate. There is really nothing at all that you need to know about their personality but that they are open to new experiences. By definition, those who are open to swinging are not your regular introverts. Those who like to swing have a tendency to be more liberal, more free, and more carefree. Those are all personality traits that just come with the territory.

The reason that you have sex with someone is to feel good, but it is also because you find them attractive. Rarely do you walk into a bar, choose the homely girl sitting in the corner and think “I want to have sex with her”. The greatest turn on to a sexual experience if finding someone who turns you on. If you like what you see with clothes on, it naturally follows that you would like to see more of them with their clothes off. Looks are very important to a swinger’s lifestyle. You aren’t trying to find a mate, you aren’t trying to find a partner. You already have those things. You are just trying to find someone who makes you feel good. That is more easily done when you are highly attracted to someone. That is why it is likely more important that you find your swinger couple attractive over worrying about whether they have book or street smarts. You aren’t trying to find a soul mate, you are just trying to get your needs met.



Swinging is a different experience than regular sex. It is something that is thrilling just because of what it is about. It is a time when you a re able to bring someone new into your relationship. Not everyone was met to be with the same person forever, but that does not mean that they don’t want to be monogamous. The truth is that not only do you want your swinger partner to be hot, you want your partner’s to be too. If you are going to engage in sexual activity that involves more than just two, three, or maybe four, you want to make sure that they are a turn on to you. If you don’t find them attractive at all, that doesn’t sound very exciting does it. The most important turn on is going to be the way that they look and the way that they look at you.

So although there may be some that believe personality is important, it is way more important to find a swinger who is attractive. You aren’t going to want anything more from them than pure sexual and physical pleasure. This isn’t a time to worry about intellectual stimulation, so pick the hottest person in the room. The only reason that personality is an issue is a concern is because once attraction fades you need something to fall back on. In a swinger relationship once attraction fades, you can be on to your next encounter.


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