The difference between An Open Marriage & Swinging

Meet Swingers  - The difference between An Open Marriage & SwingingIf you brush the surface of each and open marriage and swinging seem like the same thing. If you’re involved in the swing lifestyle you know there’s a significant difference though, even if at first glance it seems like the differences are small enough as to be ignored.

As odd as it sounds, swinging is something a couple does together even though they’re having sex with other people. An open marriage is two people agreeing they can cheat on each other without getting mad about it.The woman is sometimes called a hot wife. Without being too judgmental, those that want an open marriage are almost certainly going to end up divorced while those that are true swingers and do it for all the reasons that make it beautiful will likely end up married forever.

Let’s talk open marriage. In some ways it’s progressive since either one or both of the members of the marriage recognizes they likely won’t be faithful and wants to ensure the survival of the marriage by confessing that and trying to find a way to work with it. In other ways it’s horribly backwards since it does nothing to enhance the intimacy and quality of a marriage the way swinging does.

The most typical example of an open marriage features a couple having a talk about it, agreeing to it, and then seeing other people as they see fit. Often there is no discussion about the people they’re seeing and sometimes there’s outright secrecy. A lunch date turns into hotel sex and the man’s wife has no idea what he did during the day when he gets home from work. She says she’s going to the gym and she ends up working out horizontally with her new lover and he has no idea. It has nothing to do with their marriage other than ensuring they don’t hurt each other by cheating.

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Swinging is an activity shared by a married couple. The most common example is wife swapping where you meet with another couple, socialize, and swap partners to have sex with someone new. Sometimes your with your spouse the entire time. Sometimes you go to separate rooms to make love to your new partner. Either way your spouse is never far from your mind, which is the point of a great swinging relationship.

Swinging is in part about admitting that human beings have sexual needs that can’t be met by just one person over the course of a life. It’s also about admitting that forming a deep and lasting bond with just one person is the most rewarding thing you can do in your life and when swinging is done right it only serves to deepen that bond. When you’re done making love with your new partner you’re also done thinking about them and you immediately turn your attention back to your spouse, sometimes making love them within minutes or hours of your swinging experience. Those in an open marriage often date their new partners, effectively cheating and forming new emotional bonds with other people. That’s closer to polyamory than it is to swinging and it’s not nearly as effective as you might think for prolonging a healthy marriage.

If you’re debating between becoming a swinger or having an open marriage you should dig deeper into what it means to become a swinger and the incredible intimacy it can breed in your marriage, despite the idea that it’s the very opposite of that at first glance. An open marriage is usually the result of a crumbling marriage. It’s a last ditch effort to preserve it and it almost never works out since you end up just falling for the new person you’re sleeping with. It’s not even close to swinging.

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