Signs The Couple You Met Are Open To Swinging

Signs The Couple You Meet Is Open To SwingingWhen you go out for the night you don’t wear your secret swingers button with you. You know why you don’t? Because there is no such thing as a swinger’s button. Although people have a stereotype about what they think swingers are like, they are just average people who are looking for a little fun on the side. The thing about swinging is that it elicits very strong opinions from people. You either are a swinger, or you aren’t, there is no gray area. If you are aren’t a swinger, you really don’t appreciate being approached. That leaves swingers guessing who may, or may not, be open to a swinging.

The last thing that you want to do is approach a couple that is not interested in swinging. They may be offended if you suggest it, it just isn’t something that everyone is comfortable with. Before you go around just randomly asking couples if they are on board for a swinger’s sexual experience it is good to know that they are showing signs that they may be interested. There are certain things that couples do to give you the impression that they are interested and open to swinging. If you find a couple who is throwing out the following signs, you have a fair shot that they are looking for some swinging fun.

4 Signs To Look Out For

1) They divide and conquer
If you find that a couple is separating and flirting individually, that may be a sign that they are feeling you out for a swinging experience. If the girl is flirting aggressively with you and the guy your wife, that is a good sign that they feel comfortable sharing their partner with others. Not many couples will simultaneously flirt with another couple for no reason. Flirting can range from just smiling and laughing to being very forward, touching and reaching out. If you notice that they are both mutually aggressive that is a good sign that they may want to swing for the evening.

2) One partner starts to make innuendos
Sort of like a good cop, bad cop, one of the partners will usually be the lead to feel out the couple. Since both hitting on a couple can be overwhelming, it is usually agreed upon that one will make the innuendos and the other will wait in the wings. If you have one of the couple partners being very forward, cracking jokes, or very forward about their sexuality as a couple, that is a sign they may be feeling you out to see if you are interested in a swinging experience. That is a great sign that they would be open to you asking, or at least one of them would.

3) They ask about what you like to do for fun
There is a way that you can ask someone what they do for fun, like if you are asking if they like hiking and then there is a way that you can ask that means something a little more personal. If they lean in and start asking questions that seem to be more prodding than normal then chances are good that they are asking about something more than a hobby. If they are wondering about what you like to do, experience wise, then they are probably asking you what type of sexual fun you like to have. That is a great sign that they are interested in swinging.


4) They ask you about famous swinging vacation spots
If they start to ask you about places that are famous swinging hangouts, or vacation spots, they are trying to send you a signal about who they are and what they like to do. If you are privy to the sites that they are talking about, it is a way for them to give you the secret handshake, which is more like asking if you know what swingers like to do behind closed doors. That is a great sign that they are willing to spend a night or two swinging with you.


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