STD Worries In The Swinging Lifestyle

Swinger Advice -  STD Worries In The Swinging LifestyleIt’s perfectly natural to be concerned about STDs if you want to become a swinger or a swinging couple. You’ll likely be having more sex and with far more partners, thus the risk of infection would seemingly go up, but it turns out that’s not really the case.

STD infections are most prevalent in communities that engage in high risk behavior. That mostly means communities that have unprotected sex and that have anal sex. If you have unprotected sex enough you’re going to get an STD, no question, so if you’re going into the swing lifestyle with the thought of bareback sex with new people you’re out of your mind because true swingers are religious about using condoms. As good as it feels to have sex without a condom, it feels so much better to be healthy and clean and to not worry about pregnancy. Anal sex leads to more STDs because the membranes in the anus are much thinner than the in the vagina and thus there are more tears. Plus, the anus is far tighter and thus the sex tends to create those tears every single time.

The key to the relative lack of STDs in the swing lifestyle is the adherence to strict safe sex policies. Read any site that offers advice on how to get into the lifestyle or how to throw a good swing party and you’ll inevitably see having safe sex near the top of the list. If you throw a party you need to provide enough condoms for everyone to have sex all night long. If you’re meeting a new couple you need to have condoms. If you have a long time relationship you should still use condoms. As mentioned above, any true swinger will insist on condoms every time because it’s the only responsible way to do it.

If you’re into wife swapping then you’re a swinging couple and that means you’re responsible for the sexual health of not just yourself but of your partner as well. If you do something stupid and pick up an STD chances are very good your partner will get it too, and then you’re being spectacularly unfair and irresponsible. Plus, there’s a good chance that the contraction of a disease will kill the allure of the lifestyle for at least one of you, and you don’t want that, do you?

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Pregnancies and STDs happen far more outside the swinging community. When a man or woman cheats a condom is often neglected because having one would mean you planned ahead, which would mean you don’t have the excuse of having lost control in the moment. That’s why swingers are genuinely more evolved than cheaters. At least a swinging couple has admitted what they want and made it work for their marriage. STDs are so high among teenagers because they haven’t been given ample sexual education and because their hormones are out of control so they often don’t want to take a few seconds to slip on a condom or the girl is so afraid her boyfriend will dump her that she doesn’t make him put on a condom. By the time you get a little older you realize that an unplanned pregnancy or an STD isn’t worth a night of bareback sex.

In general STDs are easier to prevent than we’re led to believe. The truth is that if you use a condom every single time you’re almost certain not to get anything. If you’re still concerned you can do a visual check of the genitals. If you see any open sores or flaky skin then pass on the sex. If everything looks clean then go ahead and roll a condom down the hard shaft and have some fun. You won’t regret it in the morning.

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