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Size Of Member Base 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Features 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Rate Of Success 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Price 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars


Site Style Adult/Erotic
Price Free Basic
Swinger Ads YES
Hook-Up Guarantee YES

Sexfinder Review

Sex Finder is a great place to meet swingers
If you’ve been through the site you should know by now that swingers are far more plentiful than you might have imagined. Because of society’s view of swinging (in short: people are not terribly comfortable with the idea of married couples freely experiencing their sexuality with others and they get mean about it) they tend to stay quiet and form insular communities to protect themselves. Those communities are welcoming to new members as long as you prove yourself trustworthy and the best way to break in is via a site like Sex Finder, which happens to have a healthy community section where you can converse with members, post pics and videos, browse the content others have added, read blog posts, and much more.

Is SexFinder legit?
That tends to be the question most people as (or some version of it) when they come across the site and are intrigued by the possibilities. You can sign up for a free membership and take a tour if you want a sample, although you won’t be able to view any profiles until you pay the fee they ask. You can search for swingers in your area, browse the community section, and even chat with folks before having to pay anything so you’ll have a really good sense of its legitimacy at that point. You can also trust what you read here: this site is the real deal and if you want to become a swinger it’s one of the best places on the web to get started.

You’ll learn so much about the swing lifestyle here
We’ll talk more about the profiles and meeting people via Sex Finder a little later. For now let’s talk about how you can learn about the swing lifestyle and experience some of the benefits. It starts in the community section, the bulk of which is made up of the blog posts and the groups. There are millions of blog posts to browse through, and that can be a little intimidating. If you search for terms like swingers, wife swapping, hot wife, etc, you’ll find the kind of posts you’re looking for and from there can begin to expand your knowledge. There are more than 170,000 groups, each of which is formed to bring likeminded people together to discuss their favorite topics, to meet up, and more. You’ll find plenty of swinging groups, including many for specific states, cities, countries, etc. It’s a great way to meet locals, to ask questions about the swing lifestyle, and to make connections that could turn to lifelong friendships.

Sex Finder is a sex dating site too
Despite lots of extras and a great community, the purpose of Sex Finder is to meet people for casual sex. They cater to all people and a big percentage of the membership is here to swing. You can discover them via the search function. The simplest version lets you pick what you are (man, woman, couple, etc) and what you’re looking for (same deal) and then you can narrow down by what you’re interested in (1-on-1 sex, discreet relationships, cross dressing, group sex, BDSM, etc). If you want to find swinging couples then do a couple for couple search and check all the boxes for interests. Thousands of results will come back thanks to the fact that more than 40 million people have joined Sex Finder since it launched. If you want to find a single girl interested in joining a swinging couple then do a couple for woman search and check off group sex. Any girls that have indicated an interest in couples that want group sex will appear and you can bet those girls are interested in swinging with you.

Meet Swingers & Wife Swappers with ease through Sex Finder
The most remarkable thing about Sex Finder is the quality of the members. For some reason this site attracts more active, interested, and involved members than any other in the swingers lifestyle. It likely has to do with their dedication to the community and the way they let you access most of that for free because they want you and everyone else involved. Plus, this site has been around longer than most and they have some seriously dedicated members that will make you feel at home. When it comes time to meet Sex Finder really shines because of that group of eager people. It’s easier to find a couple or single to swing with here than almost any other site online. That’s the number one reason to join.

Sex Finder has a huge collection of amateur erotica
What if you’re tired and you don’t want to go out swinging for the night but you’re still a little horny. That’s when you consult the Sex Finder collection of amateur erotica. You’ll find the videos of sexy masturbating girls, webcam hotties, and swinging couples. There are hot wives getting banged by their lovers as hubby films it all. Some even talk dirty to their husband as they get plowed by a new cock. Some take creampies for the husband to lick up. There are swing parties caught on camera where anything and everything goes down. It’s almost all genuine amateur submitted content too, making it a true rarity in the porn world.

Does Sex Finder work At Finding Swinger Parties
There are few sites in the swing lifestyle and sex dating world that work better than Sex Finder, which is why now is the time to spring for a membership. It costs $29.95 if you pay month to month and if you’re confident you’ll be around for a long time and want to save money you can purchase four months up front for $59.80 total and 18 months up front for $179.10. That’s a 66% discount off the monthly price and it’s well worth it. Your credit card is discreetly billed the full amount up front and your membership is active for as long as you signed up. The 30 day membership renews until you cancel it. They offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy, which shows how confident they are that you’ll have the experience you want.

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