What Marriage Counselors Say About Swinging

What-Marriage-Counselors-Say-About-SwingingIf your relationship has hit a lull and you are looking for a way to spice it up, or to save it all together, you may want to try something new. Often times couples get into stale relationships. When one partner begins to feel unappreciated, or not attractive anymore, it can take a huge toll on the union. It may be helpful to know that most marriage counselors are not only in agreement that swinging may be a good thing for a marriage. Some therapists actually believe that, in some instances, it can be the thing that saves a relationship. If you are surprised by the fact that being with someone new can be a good thing, there are many common sense reasons why swinging can be the thing that both partners need.

Feeling attractive and wanted again boosts self-esteem
When you are in a relationship it is normal to lose some of the magic that you had for one another. Bringing new people into the relationship can make you feel sexy again. Someone else finding you attractive, and desirable, is an incredibly ego-boosting thing. Not only does it make you feel better about yourself, it can make you feel sexy again toward your partner. There is nothing that can make your significant other more attractive to you than someone else wanting them. It can make you appreciate what you have. Seeing your mate through the eyes of someone else can make you want them even more. When you feel good about yourself it is easier to feel sexy yourself.

It prevents cheating
It is a fact that men and women cheat in relationships. Although it used to be more common for men to have infidelity issues, more and more women are going outside of their relationship to have extramarital affairs. Why? It is unclear exactly why women are more likely to cheat than ever before, but changing social mores, and the internet may partially be the explanation for the changing switch in behaviors. When a man or woman are prone to cheat on their mate, it makes sense that engaging together in sex outside the relationship is a way to save it. If one member cheats alone then it can destroy a relationship. If both partners agree to try having sexual relations, there are no hurt feelings or deception. It is something that not only both agree on, both accept and enjoy the experience.



Trying something new together
For couples who are already struggling, swinging may be just what they need to get back on track. The thrill of knowing that they are trying something new together can be very binding. Being on the same side, they are allowing each other the freedom to explore new experiences but simultaneously. There is no jealously on either part and they have both agreed to the encounter together. It can also open up the lines of communication between two people who may have shut down the lines a while ago.

Coming together
Once a couple begins to talk about things such as swinging, they have opened the door to discussing other sexual preferences. Becoming more comfortable with sexuality, they can speak more openly and freely about what turns them on. If intimacy and being honest about what turns them on was a problem in the past, the talk about adding another couple to have sex can be very liberating. Sharing a new experience and talking about what they liked and what their sexual fantasies are is a way to not only rekindle, but to form a bond between a married couple. No longer hiding their desire to have something more than what they are getting in their current relationship, they are both reaching out to fulfill their own needs, and allowing the other to do the same. It is one of the most selfless acts that a couple can engage in. Much better than jealousy, it is a way for each member to get what they need individually without having to hide their needs, or to go behind the other partner’s back to get what they need. Infidelity is the thing that can destroy many relationships. Swinging may just be the thing that can safe them.


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