Tips For A Great Wife Swapping Experience

Tips For A Great Wife Swapping ExperienceYou want your wife swapping experience to be amazing, particularly the first time out. If it doesn’t go well it can derail your plan to become a swinger entirely and crush your dreams of joining the swing lifestyle for the rest of your life. That’s why you should do everything in your power to ensure a good experience.

At the core of that good experience is patience. You should know before going in that it’s going to take a great deal of time to find the right couple for you and your wife. Wife swapping is a big deal that involves four personalities weaving together in a perfect way to create sexual harmony. Both new partners need to get along and you can’t feel jealous of each other. Despite the swing lifestyle being a largely jealousy free zone it can happen, particularly in the early stages of it. Don’t get into something with a couple unless it feels absolutely right. Always make sure you keep in constant contact with your wife as you screen couples and don’t commit to anything until you know exactly how she feels about it.

Once you’ve found the right couple for your first wife swapping experience you should plan the date. It’s tempting to jump right to the sex but it’s better to spend a little time together first. Plan a dinner, preferably at your house or theirs so you have time to get comfortable in the environment you’ll be losing your wife swapping cherry in. A drink or two is a smart choice with dinner but resist the urge to get drunk or anything more than buzzed. Enough to cut away the anxiety is all you need and you want to be clear-headed for the amazing sexual experience you’re about to have.

Oddly enough, it pays to be a little bit selfish when you’ve paired off. If you’re too concerned about what your wife is going through and how she’s enjoying herself then you’ll be distracted. That will make your experience less pleasurable and the experience of your new partner. It’s best to forget about your wife while you’re with your new partner and concentrate only on her experience. Think about how she tastes and how her breasts look as you suck on them. Think about how wet she is when you slide your fingers into her and think about how she sounds when you give her pleasure. Think about how her mouth feels around your throbbing member and about how it feels to enter her for the first time. Open your mind and body to the experiences of sex with someone for the first time and you’ll melt away into a world of pleasure you might not ever want to come back from. In that moment you’re experiencing why so many people love the swing lifestyle and pursue it with such vigor.

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Above all else, be confident. There is nothing that kills the mood more than a swinger partner that can’t stop asking if you’re having a good time or if they’re doing a good job or if they can do anything to make your experience better. It’s unbearable and certain to pull you out of the experience and annoy you. Don’t be that person. Instead, be confident in your ability to give sexual pleasure to your new partner. Be confident that she wants you or she wouldn’t be there. Take every moan as a positive and every movement of her body as an attempt to get closer to you and to meld further into the experience with you. Think positive and you’ll be rewarded with the most blissful wife swapping experience a man and woman have ever had.

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